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Casey's Skinny On Pebble
Michael Bamberger
June 12, 2000
1. Par-4, 381 yardsThe approach is uphill, although it doesn't look it. In the morning take one more club. In the afternoon watch for a tailwind.
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June 12, 2000

Casey's Skinny On Pebble

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9. Par-4, 466 yards If you're going to miss the green, miss it into the front left bunker. All other greenside shots are horrors.

10. Par-4, 446 yards
The steepest left-to-right sloping fairway on the course. I believe you must play a fade off the tee, but Tom Watson won here in '82 by drawing his drive. What can I say?

11. Par-4, 380 yards
The green, even if it's rock-hard, will hold any shot because of the severe back-to-front slope. Think birdie.

12. Par-3, 202 yards
Beware: The tee box aims you right. (Many tees at Pebble are off-kilter.) Make sure you're square to the target.

13. Par-4, 399 yards

In your practice round try some putts from the front left of the green—that's where many approaches wind up.

14. Par-5, 573 yards
Do whatever you have to do to make sure you're hitting your third shot from the fairway.

15. Par-4, 397 yards
Some players hit irons. Go with your driver.

16. Par-4, 403 yards
The approach shot isn't as downhill as it looks. It appears that you could go sledding to the green, but it's barely downhill at all.

17. Par-3, 208 yards
It often feels like a downwind shot, but usually there's a right-to-left wind. Go by what the flag is doing, not by what you feel on the tee.

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