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Sports Survivors!
June 26, 2000
Two teams of eight sports figures, stranded on a deserted island. Who stays? Who goes? Who's the first to chow down on a rodent? Cast your vote for your favorite castaway at
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June 26, 2000

Sports Survivors!

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Phil Jackson
Zen master could convince something out of nothing I comrades they weren't hungry

Chuck Knoblauch
Perfect tribe mate: Couldn't throw anyone off island

Barry Switzer
Can count on pistol-packin' coach to sneak in some much-needed firepower

Khalid Khannouchi
Marathon record holder ideal for long runs to water hole

Bob Knight
Able to start fires with inflammatory language, incendiary personality

Jean Van De Velde
French golfer useful for hacking through jungle; discourses on existentialism are ideal campfire conversation

Leigh Steinberg
What's tribal council but another form of negotiation?

Anna Kournikova
Extensive knowledge of tropical ecosystems a huge asset; did Ph.D. thesis on Daniel Defoe...aaah, who are we kidding?

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