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July 17, 2000
All about PokeyI applaud Michael Bamberger for his story on the Cincinnati Reds' talented scrapper, Pokey Reese (Fast and Loose, June 12). Bamberger had to have taken a great deal of time and energy to track down and interview the important people in Reese's family. He literally brought some of the family together after long droughts of contact. Reese has been through a lot, yet he's matured and come through in most areas of his life. Like all of us, he's not perfect, but he is a true inspiration. He reminds us not just to take what life gives us but also to reach for more.ERIN SCHROEDER, Minneapolis
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July 17, 2000


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Northern Exposure
In SCORECARD (June 12) you left off another player who bolted Chicago—Rafael Palmeiro—but still, don't be too quick to pity the Cubs for having players who have left to achieve greatness elsewhere. Save the Kleenex for Expos fans, who have seen Andres Galarraga, Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, David Segui and Larry Walker all come and go. That crew plus current Expos Vladimir Guerrero and Ugueth Urbina would make a team that could beat the Yankees four out of seven.

Safety First
Ian Thomsen's position against the construction of protective Plexiglas barriers at ballparks is alarming (SCORECARD, June 12). I love the tradition of baseball, but when fans are being injured, it is time to do what is best for the safety of the fans.
DAVE BELFOR, Mountain View, Calif.

I was sickened, though not surprised, by the lawsuit filed by the parents of the boy hit by a foul ball at Comerica Park. By her own admission the mother was aware of the potential danger, yet she still allowed her son to sit in that seat. Now she's planning to sue? Next we'll hear about someone suing because he choked on a hot dog and he believes the ballpark is liable for his having taken too big a bite.
DAN WITT, Studio City, Calif.

While I pray that Joey Siket makes a speedy recovery, his parents should have done what I do when I visit the ballpark with young children. I sit between them and home plate and pay attention to the game.
North Hollywood, Calif.

Giving Joe His Due
You erred when you stated that Joe Kuharich was hired at Notre Dame without having been a head coach in college. Kuharich had been a fine coach at the University of San Francisco in the late forties and early fifties before the Dons dropped football after an undefeated season in 1951. Future NFL Hall of Famers, Gino Marchetti, Ollie Matson and Bob St. Clair played for Kuharich there.
JACK CLARY, Stow, Mass.

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