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Earl's Pearls
July 17, 2000
Don't look for Earl Woods at St. Andrews. "Scotland is for white people," Tiger's father was quoted as saying in 1999. Earl, 68, has offered many such politically incorrect opinions over the years. Here are some of Earl's most controversial statements, and our view of them then and now.
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July 17, 2000

Earl's Pearls

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THEN: That's worse than Tiger saying he won with his C game.
NOW: He wins the Masters by 12 strokes and the U.S. Open by 15. Awesome.

"Tiger is a better person than he is a golfer." 1997

THEN: What any doting dad would say.
NOW: How would we know?

"Tiger will do more than any man in history to change the course of humanity. The world is just getting a taste of his power." 1996

THEN: The mother of all grand pronouncements. Earl will be ridiculed forever for this one.
NOW: We don't know about changing humanity, but Tiger is the most popular sports figure in the world—maybe the most popular figure, period.

"You should see him run. Tiger's a perfect 400-meter runner. He'd kick Michael Johnson's ass." 1996

THEN: Get serious.
NOW: Get serious.

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