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The Champs of '75
July 31, 2000
It was a year of memorable, even lovable, title teams. Twenty-five years later we wondered what they were all up to. Here's what:
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July 31, 2000

The Champs Of '75

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Pat Darcy, P, Tucson, Commercial real estate broker

Fred Norman, P, El Segundo, Calif., Consultant, waste management company

Rawly Eastwick P, Boston, Commercial real estate leasing and management

Tony Perez, 1B, Santurce, Puerto Rico, Special assistant to Florida Marlins' G.M. Dave Dombrowski

Doug Flynn, IF, Lexington, Ky., Banker and motivational speaker

Merv Rettrenmund, OF, Atlanta, Hitting coach, Atlanta Braves

Pedro Borbon, P, Edinburg, Texas, Occupation unknown

Golden State Warriors
They were the most unlikely of champions, but they understood their game, as coaching would prove a popular calling. At least one, though, flowered in a less conventional field.

Hal Childs, assistant G.M., Danville. Calif., Retired

Charles Dudley, G, Seattle Executive, international wholesale membership club

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