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August 14, 2000
Can Dennis Miller save Monday Night Football? Well, it's like giving chicken soup to a dead man: can't hurt.—ROY C. BOYER, Boulder, Colo.
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August 14, 2000


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Verducci's statement that Mark McGwire is almost solely responsible for this era of unprecedented interest in the Cardinals is inaccurate. McGwire is solely responsible for the nationwide interest, because St. Louis has always had an unmatched desire to watch its team. I should know. I was one of the millions of fans who went to Busch Stadium every year during the Whitey Herzog era. That includes 1990, the year the Cardinals drew 2,573,225, went 70-92 and finished last in the NL East.

Florida manager John Boles is quoted as saying about McGwire, "No one over the last 100 years has had the impact on the game he has. He dwarfs everybody else." Perhaps someone should introduce Boles to the achievements of George Herman (Babe) Ruth. Or Joe DiMaggio.

Soothing Relief
In your article "The Big Hurt" (SCORECARD, July 10) how could you omit one of the biggest hurts of all—the George Brett endorsement in the early '80s of a well-known hemorrhoidal salve? Having been through the pain and suffering myself, I feel it's an ailment worth mentioning.
AL HOLMAN, Torrance, Calif.

Stand-up Guy
Notah Begay III's golf tournament wins are not as inspiring as his courage and commitment to do the right thing in spite of embarrassing and painful consequences (Dry Run, July 3). I hope my sons will be more impressed by his example than his remarkable talent. He reminds me why golf is my favorite sport.
J.D. LACKEY, Oklahoma City

Wow! An athlete who readily takes responsibility for his actions. What a breath of fresh air in this climate of selfishness and self-preservation.

On the One Hand...
Now, I don't want to get off on a rant here, but when Dennis Miller steps in the MNF booth this fall, he'll get more attention than a vegetarian beef inspector in a British slaughterhouse. Let's face it, S.L. Price accurately chronicled what has become fact: The business of covering sport is bigger than sport itself. And I don't consider that a bad thing, either. Dennis Miller will take us places we've never been on Monday night, and most of us are going along for the ride. Of course, that's just my opinion, I could be wrong.

Cards fans think of the team as family members. It's no wonder Big Mac chose St. Louis as his town.

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