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David Fleming
August 28, 2000
an opposing team's scout sizes up the Falcons
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August 28, 2000

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an opposing team's scout sizes up the Falcons

"Their success depends on two I things: Jamal Anderson's ability to come back and carry the running attack, and their offensive line's ability to keep people off Chris Chandler. He was sacked 32 times last year, and that's too much. They'd better hope that their rookie tackle, Travis Claridge, is good....

The defensive line is as thin as it's ever been. I count only five functional guys. The upside is that they have a terrific third tackle in Ed Jasper....

Depth at cornerback will be a problem, with Michael Booker in the tank. Everyone will go at them with three-and four-wideout packages. They'll have to outscore people, because I don't see them stopping anybody....

The wideouts are good; Shawn Jefferson gives them a nice possession receiver, but if the running game and the offensive line don't hold up, Chandler will be facing a ton of blitzes, and he won't have time to find those wide receivers....

They'd better be careful about overworking Tim Dwight. He's a little guy. If they expect him to handle all the returns, as he did last year, plus carry a lot of the offense, they're kidding themselves."