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September 04, 2000
Though guilty of transgressions myself, I know it's hard for kids to have fun if their parents are making the game life or death.—JACK DALTON, Moline, Ill.
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September 04, 2000


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Wheels of Fortune
I don't watch bicycling. I don't like bicycling. After reading about Lance Armstrong winning the Tour de France again (Heavenly Ascent, July 24), I'm buying a bicycle.
MARK EDWARDS, Waterloo, Ont.

Ever since a helmetless 11-year-old patient of mine died from head injuries suffered after falling from his bike, I've tried to persuade children and parents to wear helmets while biking. It saddened me to see Armstrong, a man who fought so hard to stay alive, ignoring this simple, life-saving measure. My six-year-old took a look at your cover and said, "Where's his helmet? You know, that's bad."
Assistant Clinical Professor of Pediatrics
The Babies and Children's Hospital
New York City

Sweet Swinger
I want to applaud Jeff Pearlman on his story about Royals first baseman Mike Sweeney (A Run of Luck, July 24). It's great to see a piece about an athlete who cares about others.
JIM VALENTINE, Springfield, Ill.

Off Course
What knucklehead deemed it appropriate to use the headline PEDAL-PHILIA in your LEADING OFF section (July 24)? The sexual perversion pedophilia, which your wordplay evokes, is not a subject to be made light of, especially in a magazine that a year ago did an expose on youth sports coaches preying on children (Every Parent's Nightmare, Sept. 13, 1999).

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