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Bare in Mind
Rick Reilly
September 04, 2000
Wow, Jenny Thompson has a nice pair, doesn't she? Massive. Firm. Perfectly shaped.
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September 04, 2000

Bare In Mind

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That's what's really insulting about this prude uproar. These aren't 18-year-old girls having to strip at the Baby Doll Club to pay their rent. These are intelligent, grown women. Thompson is heading for medical school. Lynch is a Rhodes scholar. Waller is a churchgoing former elementary school teacher. It's kind of like the Herminator holding up his Atomics or Richard Petty standing next to his Plymouth. Hey, you wanna see under the hood? Aren't these grumpy women pro choice?

Bad messages? Here are women with real bodies, fit bodies, attainable bodies—not bodies you can only get through the Lucky Gene Club or plastic surgery or throwing up your lunch every day. You want a bad message? Set up Elle Macpherson as the ideal feminine role model. Trying to be 5'11", 103 pounds with a 22-inch waist and a 38-inch bust sends a bad message.

Thompson sends young girls a terrific message: Fit is sexy. Muscles are sexy. Sport is sexy. Give it a try sometime.

And will somebody please remind de Varona that ancient Olympians competed in the nude in the first place?

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