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Peter King
September 11, 2000
My Two Cents
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September 11, 2000

The King's Corner

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2. Staged a game of Jeopardy! in which players were tested on their teammates' personal history.

3. Pushed back training camp curfew an hour one night, making good on a bet after one of the linemen made a field goal at the end of a practice.

4. Beefed up a players' lounge with more food, a big-screen TV wired to a satellite dish and computers with, among other things, stock-trading access, all in hopes of enticing players to stick around long after practice ended.

The Last Word

"Quarterback was never the crying imperialistic flaw on this club."

Former Bears defensive end Dan Hampton, a sportscaster and graduate of the Yogi Berra School of Mangled Pronouncements, on Chicago's quarterback situation entering the season

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