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spot Check: Olympic Edition!
September 25, 2000
It's the Olympics of advertising, too, which is why NBC sold a record $900 million worth of ad time for its Sydney telecasts. Not surprisingly, advertisers have gone all out in their quest for the gold, unveiling several ambitious Olympic-themed spots during the 2000 Games. Herewith, a critical roundup of the first batch of Olympic commercials.
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September 25, 2000

Spot Check: Olympic Edition!

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Summary: To the consternation of uptight judges, Tiger wields his clubs to compete in numerous Olympic disciplines—shot put, javelin, fencing and archery.

Critique: You can almost forgive Woods for crossing the SAG picket lines to shoot this hilarious take on his own athletic prowess. Who says this guy isn't having any fun with his stardom?

Grade: Five rings.

4) Spot: Qantas's "Australian Travelogue"

Summary: Picturesque shots of a Qantas 747 soaring over a fog-enshrouded Golden Gate Bridge, with a voice-over by perfect pitchman James Earl Jones.

Critique: So well done, it took us a while to realize this wasn't an ad at all but an NBC segment on the land Down Under that happened to shamelessly promote Qantas, the airline that carried the network's staffers to Sydney and that's spending millions of dollars on Games advertising.

Grade: Zero rings.

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