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burning Questions
October 09, 2000
Olympic Edition
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October 09, 2000

Burning Questions

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A: Sorry folks—it's in for the long haul. The IOC wants to level the gender field and has no intention of dropping women's sports. In fact, expect to see even more distaff events in the coming years. Lady wrestlers, anyone?

Q: What will NBC analysts for the lesser sports do until 2004?

A: Given the thin market for, say, water polo experts, most I commentators will return to their day jobs. Weightlifting analyst Sam Maxwell will go back to managing financial portfolios. Beach volleyball expert Mike Dodd will resume running his restaurant, Fonz's, in Manhattan Beach, Calif. Rowing commentator Yasmin Farooq will finally have spare time to, as NBC's Olympic media guide says, "tend to her herb garden and make handmade soap."

Q: How often was the Miracle on Ice invoked?

A: Too often. The American media dredged up comparisons to the 1980 U.S. hockey win after diver Laura Wilkinson edged China's Li Na, after pitcher Ben Sheets shut out Cuba and after wrestler Rulon Gardner dealt Russia's Aleksandr Karelin his first loss in 13 years. Screamed NBC wrestling announcer Russ Hellickson, "Do you believe in miracles again?" No, but we believe it's time for a new catchphrase.

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