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Franz Lidz
October 09, 2000
Before the Zoo There Was a Coop
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October 09, 2000

Q&a: George Steinbrenner/new York Yankees Owner

Before the Zoo There Was a Coop

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GS: At 13 I left home for military school. I sold my company to my two younger sisters before they had a chance to know what they were buying. They've never liked me since.

SI: What did you get for it?

GS: More than it was worth.

SI: Which breeds did you raise?

GS: Wyandottes, Cochins, leghorns, Plymouth Rocks....

SI: Were the Rocks gray with black bars—sort of pinstriped?

GS: Yes, but that's not why I bought the Yankees, if that's what you're after. No way. Not at all.

SI: We can't vouch for their SAT scores, but leghorns are regarded by people who know their chickens as the smartest breed.

GS: If there is such a thing as a smart chicken, you might be right. Chickens are not very smart. I hate to call them dumb, but they're about as close as you can get.

SI: Infielders and chickens both like to scratch in the dirt. Can you think of anything else ballplayers and barnyard fowl have in common?

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