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Franz Lidz
October 09, 2000
Before the Zoo There Was a Coop
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October 09, 2000

Q&a: George Steinbrenner/new York Yankees Owner

Before the Zoo There Was a Coop

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GS: I can honestly say no.

SI: If Luis Polonia is the Yankees' plucky bantam, who's the leghorn?

GS: Don't get me into that.

SI: You love to light fires under underachieving players. Did you put unproductive hens on the griddle, too?

GS: You're really stretching. I have always believed, but not from chickens, that all people have a little more in them than they believe they have. I try to find ways to get that out.

SI: How did you whack your chickens?

GS: Two ways: I'd either hit them with an axe and cut their heads off, or slit their throats and drain their blood by hanging them by their feet. Neither was pleasant for me at all.

SI: We suppose neither is an option when the Yankees bullpen blows a late-inning lead.

GS: Let me make this very clear: There's no connection between poultry and my players or my team.

SI: In the thick of a pennant race, don't you tell players not to count their chickens before they hatch?

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