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Hangin' with the Chads in Tallahassee
Rick Reilly
November 27, 2000
God, it was electric in Tallahassee, Fla., last weekend. The anticipation. The tension. The fate of the free world teetering on a simple tally.
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November 27, 2000

Hangin' With The Chads In Tallahassee

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As time drained away on Saturday night, you were sure there were two glum men sitting on bar stools somewhere, pennants limp in their hands, watching the last-minute results.

Man No. 1: We fumbled too often.

Man No. 2: We didn't even take our own state!

No. 1: I mean, what was the point of running this whole time?

No. 2: I'm afraid a buncha people will fry after this.

No. 1: They can start with that idiot Spurrier.

No. 2: What?

By Monday the game was over and the politicians were deep into overtime. The town belonged to them again, except for one guy standing on the corner, selling T-shirts that read NO RECOUNT NECESSARY: FLORIDA STATE 30, FLORIDA 7.

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