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Peter King
December 18, 2000
My Two Cents
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December 18, 2000

The King's Corner

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My Two Cents

The most disappointing rookie in the league is Cardinals running back Thomas Jones (below). The seventh pick in the draft, Jones has been tentative while running for only 334 yards....

Don't underestimate the importance of the departure of linebackers coach John Bunting in New Orleans. Bunting, who was named the head coach at North Carolina on Monday, helped script game plans, including the one the Saints used to stun the Rams. New Orleans will also go without a true linebackers coach for the rest of this season....

He may have rushed for 748 yards, but I continue to be amazed at what a soft runner the Giants' Ron Dayne, the 253-pound rookie back, has been. Run over somebody, Ron.

The Book

An AFC pro scout sizes up Broncos center Tom Nalen, the key to the blocking scheme that has opened the holes for three different 1,000-yard rushers in the past three years.

"He's incredibly quick getting into his block, which is vital for a center because a split second after he snaps the ball, a 320-pound defensive tackle blasts into him. Great feet, great using his hands. Doesn't look strong, but uses leverage well and always seems to have his man tied up. Young centers should watch the way he's constantly between his man and the ball, and how long he maintains his block. When I watch tape of the Broncos, it's like Nalen has Velcro on his forearms, because he never lets his man get free."