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The Zamboni Driver
Dan Snierson
December 25, 2000
How fast does a Zamboni go?
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December 25, 2000

The Zamboni Driver

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Does blood clean up pretty easily?

Yeah, you gotta dry-shave it first—clean it without water. But if blood gets in the ice grooves, it's hard to get out.

Do you ever get asked for your autograph?

All the time. Kids, mainly. Mr. Ilitch, our owner, asked me once. In 1995, he had me sign a napkin for him. I was privileged.

Be honest: Is the Zamboni a chick magnet?

It's a magnet for everybody. Chicks get excited just as much as little kids. Even men get excited by it. Rides are auctioned off for charities and at special events. There have been functions that have gotten $2,000 for a ride.

Do the players ever give you props on your ice?

Oh, yeah. A lot of visiting players say they wish their ice was as good. If you get a compliment like that from Eric Lindros, that's a good one. Guys who skate fast, like Paul Coffey, love our ice.

How'd you do in 1999's Zamboni driver of the year competition, in which fans got to vote for their favorite driver?

I was runner-up. I got screwed, let's put it that way. But that's not important anymore; it's water down the drain.

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