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It's the Thought That Counts
Rick Reilly
December 25, 2000
Seeing as how this will be the 25th Christmas since the gangly teenage sportswriter first kissed the prettiest cheerleader, a guy starts to run out of good gift ideas. Did the matching oven mitts thing. The Christmas-scene Tupperware. The Hairagami. How romantic can one husband get?
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December 25, 2000

It's The Thought That Counts

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We had a little scare last month, but the MRI turned out to be fine. Still, it gets you thinking. There have been times lately when she was asleep that I opened the blinds a little and let the moonlight in and just watched her breathe. For 25 years I've called her Lucky. Turns out it should have been the other way around. So tell me, what do you give the most beautiful woman you've ever seen? And the best-looking, to boot? It just hit me.


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