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February 19, 2001
Last week the Yankees joined with British soccer powerhouse Manchester United in a marketing and merchandising alliance. So what's your Man U IQ?
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February 19, 2001

Pop Quiz

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A. Kicking a fan
B. Slapping a coach
C. Punching an opponent
D. Being French

6. Midfielder David Beckham's celebrity spouse is:

A. Posh Spice
B. Scary Spice
C. Baby Spice
D. Old Spice

7. Beckham's child is named after which famed U.S. locale?

A. Brooklyn
B. Hollywood
C. South Beach
D. Hannibal

8. British tabloids have linked United star striker Dwight Yorke to which sex scandal?

A. M�nage � trois with teammate Andy Cole and a besotted 18-year-old fan
B. Foursome with Chelsea defender Celestine Babayaro and two strippers
C. Videotaped seven-person orgy including Chelsea keeper Mark Bosnich, two leather-clad blondes and a transvestite
D. All of the above

Answers: All are A except the last, which is D.

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