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My Shot
John Daly
March 19, 2001
I used to be on everyone's A-list, but these days I'm finding out who my friends really are
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March 19, 2001

My Shot

I used to be on everyone's A-list, but these days I'm finding out who my friends really are

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I'm the Tour's forgotten man—not by the fans, who have been awesome although I've had five rough years—but by the sponsors and some of the players I considered friends. From 1991 to '98 they begged me to play in their off-season events. Now they don't want anything to do with me.

I remember when Greg Norman would ask me to play in the Shark Shootout and when sponsors, like Diners Club, would plead with me to play in their Silly Season events. Even when I was screwing up, they were inviting me to their tournaments because I sold tickets. I was a draw. But when I needed to play last year, they didn't invite me.

I think Greg is mad at me because last year I missed a dinner at his tournament in Australia. The dinner was on a Tuesday night. I arrived that morning jet-lagged and fell asleep in my room. Contractually I wasn't obligated to go to that dinner, and I'd never hold something like that against anyone. I had always considered Greg a friend, but now I never hear from him.

I understand that the world is founded on "What have you done for me lately?" But I've done a lot of favors for a lot of people. Now, when I could use a favor in return, I'm not getting one, and that's something I won't forget.

I've got to get over my disappointment, but it's tough because I enjoyed playing in those tournaments. The money was great, and I always felt as if I did a good job—except that time I hit the ball over the heads of the fans in bleachers at Peter Jacobsen's event. That might not have been the smartest thing to do.

I'm still praying that I might get back to the Masters someday, though that won't happen this year unless I win the Players Championship next week. It's funny how things have changed for me, but I guess I've got to get used to it until I start playing better.

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