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April 30, 2001
Guidance for those lost in sports
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April 30, 2001

Ask The Coach

Guidance for those lost in sports

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Dear Coach: I'm a high school wrestler, and to make weight I've been losing up to 10 pounds of water weight before every match. Is this dangerous?

Dear Tipping: Assuming you're smart enough to avoid the notorious rubber suits and saunas that have caused wrestlers fatal heart attacks, your biggest risk is dehydration, says Nathan Houska, trainer of the NCAA-champion Minnesota wrestling team. 'Your body doesn't have time to replenish the fluid; it's lost," says Houska. Maintain an appropriate weight throughout the season and don't lose more than three pounds in the two days before a match. Rapid weight loss can also hurt you in competition. Says Iowa coach Jim Zalesky "It catches up to you. You're more apt to get hurt, and you'll be out of gas by season's end."

Dear Coach: I'm fairly certain a guy in my regular golf foursome shaves strokes, but I'm worried if I confront him, I'll come off as overly competitive. What should I do?

Dear Evening: "Ask him to keep score, then hand him an electric razor and say, 'You'll be needing this for yours,' "jokes Jim Corbett, host of the etiquette site Seriously, since he's a regular partner, cracking a joke is a good way to make your point. Just be certain you're right. Says Corbett, "You'd look worse than just competitive if you accuse him and you're wrong." If he still counts bogeys as pars, try another tactic. "Say you'll keep score for the group," says Corbett, "and tell everyone you want to keep track of stats like putts and greens in regulation."