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enemy Lines
Jeff Pearlman
May 21, 2001
An advance scout who covers both leagues reflects on what he saw and heard last week.
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May 21, 2001

Enemy Lines

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An advance scout who covers both leagues reflects on what he saw and heard last week.

As the season has progressed, the strike zone situation has gotten better. Umpires are calling the high strike with pretty good consistency. It's making the hitters more aggressive, and it's also helping a lot of mediocre pitchers. Guys who can't throw harder than 88 to 90 are getting outs with the high fastball, because so many hitters can't touch it....

The best story in the game has been Rickey Henderson in San Diego. He has rejuvenated the Padres. When he signed, there was a question of whether he'd be around long enough to get the two walks he needed to tie Babe Ruth's record. Hell, he's been San Diego's best offensive weapon....

It's about time Twins general manager Terry Ryan started getting his due. He has been working in a bad situation for years, but we all know how shrewd and intelligent he is. There used to be talk about letting him go. No way....

This kid Alex Escobar with the Mets is special. His body, his swing, his bat speed. No pitcher is going to overwhelm him, and he doesn't get intimidated. He should be a full-time big league outfielder by now....

I thought A's lefthander Mark Mulder was an ordinary pitcher, but he's not nearly as soft as he looked last year. I think he's paying attention to his teammate Tim Hudson, because Mulder has learned how to move the ball around and to take command of a game....

I keep hearing talk about the Expos firing Felipe Alou, and it ticks me off. Felipe has been loyal to that team when every good player left. He has always gotten more out of young guys than any other manager. They're making him the scapegoat for a poorly run organization in a city where people don't want baseball. If he does get the boot, he won't be unemployed for long.