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The Racehorse
May 28, 2001
Three-year-old colt Dollar Bill has been chronicling—with a little help from his owner, Gary West—his Triple Crown experiences in diary entries on his website ( We caught up with the outspoken thoroughbred after he finished fourth in the Preakness for an exclusive interview.
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May 28, 2001

The Racehorse

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Absolutely. Being in the winner's circle is intoxicating. People taking pictures, kissin' ya, tellin' ya what a great horse ya are. Then I get to go to the test barn and strut around. Ain't a person or beast on earth don't know when he wins.

Have you given much thought to your stud career?

Next to running, makin' love is my top priority. I've got more hormones than Carters' got liver pills.

Balto Star was gelded before the Kentucky Derby. Do the other colts feel bad for him?

Thinking about it makes me hurt. Some sicko vet carvin' on my family jewels is not my idea of a good day.

Have you been influenced by talking horses of the past?

Mr. Ed and Francis the Talking Mule were heroes of mine. I'll bet 50 years from now, they're better known than Monarchos or Point Given. Think about that.

Are you the most vocal horse around?

All my 3-year-old buddies have somethin' to say. Problem is, their owners won't give them the stage. I think most of 'em are afraid the horse might say somethin' stupid.

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