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June 18, 2001
Games Children PlayThe Life Of Reilly in the May 14 edition was an outstanding presentation of a critical problem confronting society: overbearing, overprotective parents who discourage competition because their child might come in last. Rick Reilly's attack on the ban against playing dodge-ball in some U.S. school districts was right on target.JASON ANDERSON, Cheyenne, Wyo.
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June 18, 2001


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Stephen Cannella's article on Casey was a painful reminder of the string of bone-headed trades orchestrated by Indians general manager John Hart.
DENNIS DiSALLE, Maumee, Ohio

Typecasting Tito
Last year, I objected to Richard Hoffer's article about the F�lix Trinidad-Fernando Vargas fight (INSIDE BOXING, Dec. 11). I felt Trinidad was underappreciated because of his poor English and an un-flamboyant personality. Now I'm happy after reading Hoffer's latest article on Tito (Spurred to Greatness, May 14). I guess Hoffer found out what we in Puerto Rico knew: Tito is a good person with solid family ties and pride in his homeland.
Luquillo, Puerto Rico

Commence Firing
Rick Reilly obviously never got hit in the face by a gym ball (above). Dodgeball is a way to let out your aggression—on another person. There's no sport in the game; it's just a way to hurt someone else, supposedly for the sake of fun.

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