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enemy Lines
Jeff Pearlman
July 02, 2001
Two advance scouts, one from each league, reflect on what they saw and heard last week:
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July 02, 2001

Enemy Lines

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Two advance scouts, one from each league, reflect on what they saw and heard last week:

Although the Indians' bullpen isn't so deep that it was a risk-free move to lose two pitchers to gain one, getting John Rocker in a trade with the Braves was huge for Cleveland. A team can tolerate anyone, even someone who's as much of a pain as Rocker, for half a season if the guy produces. The deal could really pay off in the playoffs because Rocker is a power lefthander, and the Mariners are vulnerable against lefties....

When Reds rightfielder Alex Ochoa came up with the Mets in 1995, everyone talked about how much potential he had. Now we're seeing it. For the first time he's hitting to rightfield on a consistent basis. He also has one of the game's top two or three rightfield arms....

Royals shortstop Rey Sanchez would be a terrific fit for the Dodgers. L.A.'s Alex Cora is a nice utility player who can play second or short, but he's not consistent enough at the plate to start. Sanchez catches everything, and he's a solid contact hitter....

The Phillies' Larry Bowa is the type of manager who has a short shelf life. You can see his players tiring of the rah-rah stuff. You can't have that level of intensity for 162 games and expect a response....

A couple of us scouts were talking, and we agreed that the Marlins' pitching staff reminds us of the '69 Mets' staff, with Tom Seaver, Jerry Koosman, Nolan Ryan and other young studs. Florida's Ryan Dempster, Bred Penny and A.J. Burnett are phenomenal. All that staff needs is a veteran to lead and teach it, a David Cone type.