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Austin Murphy
August 13, 2001
An opposing team's coach sizes up the Beavers
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August 13, 2001

Enemy Lines

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An opposing team's coach sizes up the Beavers

"First thing that comes to mind is talent. Dennis Erickson has brought in junior college kids whom no one could get straight out of high school....

Ken Simonton is probably the best running back in the country. A one-back scheme is perfect for this kid to run through, he is so powerful. His backup, Patrick McCall, is pretty good too; they don't fall off at all when he comes into the game....

On offense the Beavers' only concern will be filling in the gaps on the line....

Defensively, their speed stands out more than anything. It's the fastest defense in the Pac-10. They have a blitzing, attacking style, and all of their guys have the ability to make the big play....

The secondary tends to be well coordinated and has a great cornerback in Dennis Weathersby. He does a good job of taking away one side of the field....

Their front seven is still strong, despite losing the two best ends in the league. If Oregon State can fill those two spots adequately, this year's team has a chance to be just as tough as last year's.