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Josh Elliott
September 03, 2001
an opposing team's scout sizes up the Cowboys
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September 03, 2001

Enemy Lines

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an opposing team's scout sizes up the Cowboys

Oh, my goodness. Awful. Awful, awful, awful. I don't know; maybe they know something we don't about a lot of their players. This seems like another year in which Jerry Jones's ego got in the way. He's always thought he was so good at putting a team together, that he knew so much more than anyone else, and this is what he gets: Quincy Carter as his starting quarterback. How big a reach was Carter? Most other teams didn't have him on their first-day draft board. Ridiculous....

This is the Cowboys' second straight terrible draft, and that catches up with you....

Their defense is pathetic, especially the secondary. Their corners are terrible, though calling Izell Reese a corner isn't fair since they moved him from safety. When a team has to do that, you know it's in trouble. Still, how do you have a defense that bad and do nothing to improve it?...

I like Dexter Coakley, who's a Zach Thomas clone: a tough guy who's a bit undersized but always around the ball....

Emmitt Smith will be vulnerable, because the passing attack will stink, and he'll be asked to carry a big load behind a questionable line. Larry Allen's still at the top of his game, but Mark Stepnoski is slowing down and Erik Williams is gone—a big loss....

Maybe Jerry is playing this like a throwaway year, a year to get even further under the cap and pick up a high draft pick. If that's it, don't be surprised if they also go out and get a new coach to start it all over. This could easily be the worst team in football.