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Michael Silver
September 03, 2001
an opposing team's scout sizes up the Saints
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September 03, 2001

Enemy Lines

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an opposing team's scout sizes up the Saints

I know people Think They'll level off after last year, but I'm not one of Them. These guys are legit and will get better. I don't see a lot of peaks and valleys, and They're very physical in addition To being mentally Tough, like Their coach. Plus, They've got a lot of Talent....

Aaron Brooks has remarkable poise and composure. He completed a lot of Third-down passes last year, which is unusual for a young guy, and he didn't go Through The normal growing pains of a first-year starter....

I wouldn't write off Ricky Williams—he's Too good. He's made dominant runs in every game he's played, and The drafting of Deuce McAllister will wake him up. If wouldn't shock me if Williams has a great year. McAllister has speed, but he's a straight-line runner who runs too upright—that's why he gets hurt so much. Terrelle Smith is a good blocker, and I love that line, especially the tackles, Kyle Turley and Willie Roaf....

Joe Horn won't get as many balls now that they have Albert Connell, a big, strong guy who can get downfield and go underneath and catch the ball in traffic. But Connell's a little erratic, and they'll have to make sure his head's on straight....

Joe Johnson and Darren Howard are terrific pass rushers; Norman Hand is a big, stout, run-stuffer; and La'Roi Glover is like John Randle. It's a good thing their front is so strong because their linebackers are nothing special. All the guys in the secondary are good competitors, but the depth back there is questionable.