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enemy lines
Chris Ballard
October 29, 2001
an opposing team's scout sizes up the Heat
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October 29, 2001

Enemy Lines

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an opposing team's scout sizes up the Heat

"This team wins a majority of its games because of Pat Riley, because it prepares as thoroughly for the regular season as it does for the playoffs. Then in the playoffs, when other coaches with better talent are able to prepare as carefully as he does, the truth about his team comes out....

Miami's talent is not good enough to contend, even if Alonzo Mourning comes back. You wish every player had Mourning's drive and work ethic, but he needs to work more on basketball and less on conditioning. I think he was a more skilled player when he was at Charlotte. Now he just tries to overpower you....

Brian Grant and Eddie Jones are costing Miami $172 million, and you can't even say they're the best in the East at their positions. They're good, solid players. Grant turned out to have more skill and a better 15-foot jumper than people thought, but I think Jones was a disappointment for Miami. He's a little soft, and he doesn't fit into Riley's approach....

The Heat had trouble scoring last year- Miami was 24th in field goal percentage, 27th in points—and it's only going to get worse without Tim Hardaway and Anthony Mason....

Ricky Davis is an athletic guy who could help, but you have to wonder if Riley is going to give him the freedom to improvise, to make mistakes and learn from them....

I don't mean to sound so negative. I've got a lot of respect for Riley, and I would never bet on him missing the playoffs. But the truth is out after the whipping Miami took from Charlotte. In the end the Heat is going to disappoint."