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enemy lines
Daniel G. Habib
October 29, 2001
an opposing team's scout sizes up the Pacers
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October 29, 2001

Enemy Lines

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an opposing team's scout sizes up the Pacers

"Under the new defensive rules, teams are going to be able to double Jermaine O'Neal front and back, so to be effective he'll need to supplement his post game with a jump shot facing the basket. As good a shot blocker as O'Neal is, they don't really seem to funnel their defense in to him. It would help if they had another guy capable of defending inside. That would allow O'Neal to explode in from the weak side and block shots....

Of their young guys, Al Harrington is learning the quickest. He plays hard, he's developed a decent jump shot, and with his size he can play the three and still rebound well....

Jalen Rose can play the one, two or three, but I think he's best for them at the point with the mismatches he and Reggie Miller can create. As much as they need Rose to score, they also need him to set up his teammates. The onus is on Jalen to figure out what the team needs each game....

Travis Best doesn't start, but he should understand that he can have a real impact on the game as a change of pace to Rose....

There's a lot of talk about Michael Jordan's playing small forward at 38, but look at Miller: He's 36, he hasn't taken any years off, and he's still one of the best at a position dominated by much younger players. Reggie has missed only four games over the last five years because he knows how to take care of his body. When he draws fouls, it's usually a bump foul—he gets you in the air and gets you to bump him rather than flying at the rim and getting slammed to the floor."