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enemy lines
L. Jon Wertheim
October 29, 2001
an opposing team's scout sizes up the Suns
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October 29, 2001

Enemy Lines

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an opposing team's scout sizes up the Suns

" Jason Kidd had burned too many bridges to stay there, and the Suns needed to get somebody for him who would sell tickets. But I don't like Stephon Marbury. He's selfish, he doesn't get other people involved nearly as well as Kidd did, and he's never made his teams that much better. How are Penny Hardaway and Shawn Marion ever going to see the ball? Marion, in particular, needs touches, yet Marbury jacks it up 30 times a game....

Their bench is not that good, which is why they may start Dan Majerle and bring Hardaway or Marion off it....

Their bench, though, can make shots- Rodney Rogers, Tony Delk, Vinny Del Negro, Jud Buechler; in fact, this is flat out the best shooting team in the league. The funny thing, though, is that the Suns are at their best when they're running. They can't be a setup team; they've got to be a tempo team. That's how Marbury, Hardaway and Marion are most comfortable, and even Tom Gugliotta can get out....

Defensively, they've got problems. Neither Jake Tsakalidis nor Daniel Santiago is much of a shot-blocking presence—in fact, Marion may be the best guy on the team in that department. Plus they've got to be concerned about Hardaway and Gugliotta, who have both had fairly serious injuries....

John Wallace could be a help but he's totally underachieved since he came into the league....

All in all, the Suns look like they're sinking, not rising."