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enemy lines
Chris Ballard
October 29, 2001
an opposing team's scout sizes up the Grizzlies
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October 29, 2001

Enemy Lines

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an opposing team's scout sizes up the Grizzlies

"You don't want to give young and eager teams like the Grizzlies a chance to stay in the game, particularly on their floor. Jump on them, try to break them right away....

They'll have trouble scoring in the half-court because Jason Williams gets panicky as the shot clock goes down. He was a good pickup in terms of selling tickets and bringing excitement, but in the long run he's not going to get it done. It's a telltale sign when your starting point guard's not on the floor for most of the fourth quarter, which is what happened to Williams in Sacramento. Brevin Knight will end up helping these guys a lot....

Several years ago Pau Gasol was a guy who stood around and launched shots from the outside, but the veterans he played with in Barcelona wouldn't let him be a baby and toughened him up. He's got great skills, and he'll be a real factor for them. Their other big European rookie, Antonis Fotsis, has skills but he's not ready....

The key guy is Michael Dickerson—he's just a solid, solid player. He's not really a runner, but if he gets a step on you, he can finish. And the Grizzlies don't need another runner; they need a guy like Dickerson who can defend and, at the other end, come off screens and shoot it....

You team him up with Shane Battier and you've got the start of something real nice. Battier's a big guy who can step out and make shots—Matt Harpring with more offense. Then you add in that he's a solid person, like Dickerson. But Memphis is still a few years away, down there at the bottom with the Nuggets."