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Peter King
November 05, 2001
Insult to InjuryThe Saints dumped the mighty Rams, then labeled their bitter rivals a finesse team
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November 05, 2001

The Nfl

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Lewis (with a pedestrian 13 solo tackles over the past three games) believes he is suffering from shedding a few pounds in the off-season to get faster. "I might need to put on weight," he says. "I get there, but my hits don't have the same effect."

My Two Cents
What's with All The Noise?

1. When is the league going to do something about the ear-shattering noise levels at the Metrodome? The piped-in rock music is an affront to fair play, especially when it impedes an opposing offense's ability to be heard.

2. The hand-wringing over the usually efficient Peyton Manning's nine interceptions in six games is absurd. Coaches and scouts keep asking, What's wrong with Manning? I keep saying, Nothing. Four of me interceptions were either tipped or the result of a receiver's running the wrong route. Winning quarterbacks have always thrown interceptions. Last year Kurt Warner threw 5.2 interceptions per 100 passes; Manning's on a 4.5 pace this year. Big deal. He's trying to make plays to win games.

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