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Richard Deitsch
January 21, 2002
With Fox airing the Super Bowl on Feb. 3, we checked in with the amiable James Brown, 50, the host and traffic cop for Fox's NFL Sunday.
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January 21, 2002

Tv Talk

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Brown: The critics panned it.

SI: Is Howie the reason it tanked?

Brown: I purposely didn't see it because I like Big Boy.

SI: Have you seen Jillian Barbarie's meteorological degree?

Brown: I have not, but considering all the comments I've heard around the country from men, no one cares whether she has one or not.

SI: You hosted Fox's World's Finniest videos. Any regrets?

Brown: I got blasted by my colleagues, but it's an honest living, and I showed a lighter side. The bottom line is, it's paying for my daughter's education.

SI: Please tell us this isn't true: Did you host a PBS special on Yanni?

Brown: I was trying to show the breadth and scope of the things I can do.

SI: You own all of Yanni's albums, don't you?

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