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February 01, 2002
Rick Reilly
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February 01, 2002

Model Athletes

Rick Reilly

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People write to us and complain that supermodels have no place in a sports magazine. But when you really look at it, supermodels and athletes are almost identical.

Tell me you're not serious.


Tell me you're not going to try and convince us that supermodels are athletes.

All I'm saying is that supermodels are amazingly similar to athletes. For instance, both are genetic freaks. How many men are 7'1", 335 pounds like Shaq? How many women are 6 feet, 125 pounds like Elle McPherson? Both have limited careers. Both retire at about the same time—mid-30s—and for the same reason: Their bodies can no longer compete. They probably said the same thing to Cheryl Tiegs that they did to Joe Namath: "Time to hang up the panty hose, babe."

How many of these comparisons do you have?

Lots. Both put their bodies on the line every time they suit up.


They do! On one shoot Christie Brinkley got stuck on top of a spinnaker, 40 feet in the air, and had to jump! You ever hear of Mark McGwire jumping from a spinnaker?

You ever hear of Christie Brinkley facing Randy Johnson?

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