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Jeff Pearlman
March 25, 2002
an opposing team's scout sizes up the Brewers
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March 25, 2002

Enemy Lines

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an opposing team's scout sizes up the Brewers

"The Brewers are going to struggle. They have a young rotation, they don't put the ball in play, Jeffrey Hammonds is a question mark in center, Geoff Jenkins was injured last year, and Curtis Leskanic is coming off arm surgery. They're still a work in progress....

I've never seen a team strike out as much as they do. Jose Hernandez struck out 185 times and hit .250. Imagine what he'd do if he put some of those balls in play....

Matt Stairs is a good signing. He's got only one speed. He swings like he's got a purpose. He'll platoon with Alex Ochoa in right. He's average to below average in the field and doesn't throw like Ochoa, but he's not a liability....

Raul Casanova can swing it, and Henry Blanco can catch it, but the pitchers, especially the young ones, are going to want to throw to one guy. Blanco throws well, receives well and handles pitchers well. He's very underrated behind the plate, but he'll hit .210....

Ruben Quevedo is a big guy, to say the least. I don't know if he'll lose anything on his fastball if he trims up, but he needs to give them more innings. He throws 90-plus with average major league movement and an average slider. His change is his best pitch: It's a trick pitch that he throws with good movement and a good arm angle. He has to prove he can go more than once through the lineup. He gets the ball up in the zone the second time through....

Chad Fox is a good closer if Leskanic can't go. He has a turbocharged slider. You know it's coming and still have trouble with it."