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Richard Deitsch
April 01, 2002
No Surprise: Bob Costas Goes Deep
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April 01, 2002

Tv Talk

No Surprise: Bob Costas Goes Deep

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Costas: I told Knight afterward that this was the first and only time he was the most agreeable and genteel person in the room.

SI: Sport or not a sport: Olympic ice dancing?

Costas: Not only not a sport, but not a suitable human activity.

SI: You once called elevator races on Letterman's show. Who would win an elevator race between Letterman and Koppel?

Costas: Dave. He's the Naismith of elevator races. He invented the game, and he's got home-shaft advantage.

SI: You have a 66% recognition rating among American adults. What does that say about our country?

Costas: That 34% need to pay closer attention.

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