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Richard Deitsch
April 08, 2002
Schmoozing with Barry at hockey's Melrose Place
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April 08, 2002

Tv Talk

Schmoozing with Barry at hockey's Melrose Place

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Melrose: Me. It would be the quickest fight in the history of hockey.

SI: Like Bobby Orr, you were an NHL defenseman. Is there anything else you had in common with him?

Melrose: Nothing. He was fast. I was slow. He could carry the puck. I couldn't. He was great. I was terrible.

SI: Who's got better hair: Rece Davis, Dan Patrick or you?

Melrose: Dan's hair is for the older crew—he's big with the 45-to-70 crowd. Rece is somewhere in between, so I'll have to say me.

SI: Have you seen all the Mighty Ducks movies?

Melrose: Unfortunately.

SI: If you laced'em up right now, could you beat [ ESPN analyst and former NHL goalie] Darren Pang on a breakaway?

Melrose: I could do that without skates.

SI: In 300 NHL games you averaged .03 goals and 2.4 penalty minutes per match. What does that say?

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