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On Your (Book) Marks
April 22, 2002
Cory Collins, strong safety Georgia Tech
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April 22, 2002

On Your (book) Marks

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Cory Collins, strong safety
Georgia Tech

Time spent on the Internet: "I use it every day. Whenever I'm in my room, the computer is on."

Computer: Packard Bell PC with a Pentium III

Sites he regularly visits: "I go to Yahoo! about once a week to play spades or dominoes against people I don't know. I'm a spades fanatic. I don't like to lose. Sometimes I use my girlfriend as my partner, but the other people don't know mat. We know what cards the other one has. It's good to have that kind of advantage."

E Story: "One time when I was talking to my friends on IM, they sent me a link they wanted me to open. First they told me to turn the volume all the way up so I could hear it better. I did, and the first thing I heard in this loud voice was, 'I'm watching gay porn! I'm watching gay porn!' They got me pretty good."