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May 20, 2002
Just for Kicks
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May 20, 2002

Trivial Matters

Just for Kicks

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Good Hosts
National teams are rounding out their rosters for the World Cup, scheduled to begin on May 31 in Japan and South Korea. Neither of those countries has won a World Cup championship ( France was both the host and the champion in 1998), but which is the only nation to have hosted the tournament more than once and never won a title?

a. Chile
b. Mexico
c. Spain
d. Switzerland

Few and Far Between
which players were credited with the goals in the last two U.S. victories in the World Cup?

This Week's Matchup
True Brazilian superstars are known by their first name only. Pair the mononymic player with the rest of his actual given name.

1. Leonardo
a. Victor Borba Ferreira

2. Rivaldo
b. Luiz Nazario de Lima

3. Rom�rio
c. de Souza Farias

4. Ronaldo
d. Nascimento de Araujo

Call to Order
Put these countries in descending order of the number of times they've lost in the World Cup championship match.

a. Argentina
b. Federal Republic of Germany
c. Sweden
d. Uruguay