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Never Again
Rick Reilly
May 27, 2002
[This article contains handwritten text. Please see hardcopy of magazine or PDF.]
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May 27, 2002

Never Again

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[This article contains handwritten text. Please see hardcopy of magazine or PDF.]

Three years ago I wrote a column some people took the wrong way. It poked innocent fun at the Red Wings of Detroit and their fine fans. The column was controversial A pile of hate mail accumulated, and I've been taking crap ever since.

Not a week goes by that a Red Wings fan doesn't send me that column after marking it up with all kinds of derogatory remarks, illustrations and threats. The marks are made in crayon, Magic Marker or blood, on account of Red Wings fans are not allowed sharp objects while under psychiatric care.

(Oops. There I go again.)

In the offending column, I pretended to scratch out the insulting words I wanted to use about the Red Wings and inserted nice ones instead. For instance, I wrote, Red Wings fans had a great time taping the posters to the walls of their prison cells dens. Of course, any fool could see what the crossed-out words were anyway, even Red Wings fans.

(Sorry. Tough habit to kick.)

The column really upset Red Wings fans some of them wanted to punch me. Some said I sucked. Like a lot of my columns, it generated truckloads of opinions

I even heard that somebody in my own office was upset with it. If that person is still reading. I'd like to apologize. In fact, I'd very much like to apologize to the Red Wings' organization, their fans and those who live in Detroit.

I now see the error of my ways. I'm willing to face the music. I have nightmares about that column. I will feel bad about it until I draw my last breath. I hope we can let sleeping dogs lie, and by that I mean many of the Red Wings' wives.

(O.K. I'll stop.)

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