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Get Up for the Cup
Steve Rushin
June 03, 2002
Hate soccer? Then you don't know Doudou. (He's the one-named striker for Queens Park Rangers in England.) But millions of us do know our Doudou from our Kaka. (He's the one-named midfielder for the Brazilian national team.) Kaka and Doudou are unrelated, though the latter does have a Rangers teammate named Shittu. Danny Shittu. Honest. I Shittu not.
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June 03, 2002

Get Up For The Cup

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Such things seldom happen to the Lakers. So make room for both Kobes—Bryant and Japan. You won't believe the World Cup. The tournament hasn't started, and already, in the last month, 150 South Korean dog-meat restaurateurs planned to set up boiling pots outside Cup venues and serve Spot roast to international visitors. Then the group, under enormous pressure from the office of tourism, reconsidered, so dog meat will not be on offer in Korean stadiums, unless you count the U.S. defense.

I Shih Tzu not.

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