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July 08, 2002
Shaq AttackI'm sure Shaquille O'Neal (The Shaq Factor, June 17) is a great guy. It's just that he is as bad for basketball as Godzilla was for the Big Apple. The referees consistently allow him to violate the rules by slamming himself against opponents with both his rear end and his elbows. With Shaq, all you get is brute force. Tell him to pick on someone his own size, like a defensive lineman.PAUL HURST, Plantation, Fla.
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July 08, 2002


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Glove Story
Richard Hoffer's Lights Out (June 17) did a great job of explaining why people are fascinated with Mike Tyson and bored with Lennox Lewis. Hoffer failed to mention that Tyson's appeal goes beyond the carnival act, though. In his prime Tyson was the most exciting fighter ever.

Tyson may not have fought a stellar fight against Lewis, but he did get a victory of sorts. A true champion is a person who can rise from defeat with grace and humility, and he did just that.

I've come to the conclusion that Tyson's left shoulder tattoo should actually be on his backside—his "Days of Grace" are clearly behind him.
ATLI CRANE, Victoria, B.C.

Vladdy Good Show
I'm appalled at SI's choice of Lance Berkman over Vladimir Guerrero in the All-Star ballot (INSIDE BASEBALL, June 24). It's about time that Vladdy started to get some respect. The guy bats for average and power, and he steals more than 30 bases a year. Put him in a Yankees uniform and he'd be called the best player in the game.
WILL FRENCH, Bryan, Texas

Eating for Sport
As the former Maine pasta champion, I must say that competitive eating is a sport (SCORECARD, June 24). Training, mental toughness and strategy all play a part in the competitions. Although my nickname is Garbage Gut, I have run the New York City Marathon in 2:48 and have a black belt in karate.
GEORGE GLUM, Pearl River, N.Y.

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