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Richard Deitsch
August 26, 2002
As ESPN's SportsCenter, which debuted in 1979, gets ready to celebrate its 25,000th show, we quiz the executive editor who's been its creative force since '88.
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August 26, 2002

Q+a [john Walsh]

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Walsh: I don't think television networks dictate or influence behavior. There are images that people have, and they take those images whether they come from the movies, the playground or television.

SI: Once, in '89, Chris Berman made nearly 30 Bob Dylan references on SportsCenter because he'd missed a Dylan show that evening—

Walsh: That was a highlight for me.

SI: Do you have a favorite anchor tandem?

Walsh: Don't make me answer that, because I'd just get in trouble with a lot of people. It would be like saying who your favorite child is.

SI: How often do you watch SportsCenter?

Walsh: I try to watch two to three a day until the dah-dah-dah is a little too much in my head.

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