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Bill Scheft
September 02, 2002
(Taptaptap) Is this thing on?
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September 02, 2002

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(Taptaptap) Is this thing on?

(Taptaptap) Is this season still on?


What do you think the chances are we'll ever see a Rob Manfred Bobblehead Night?

I don't want to complain about the pace of the negotiations, but Steve Trachsel works faster.

Alex Rodriguez offered to give up 30% to 40% of his $252 million salary if it would help move things along. And I'm not sure about the connection, but a half hour after he said that, Anna Nicole Smith had her wedding dress let out.

And San Diego Padres owner John Moores said he was willing to shut down the Padres for the rest of this year and all of next season. Well, sure—0-0 is the closest they'll get to finishing .500.

Despite a leaguewide drop in attendance, the Yankees last week were on pace to attract 3.6 million fans. Do you realize what this would mean if there was real revenue sharing? Yeah, I don't care, either.

Former replacement player Shane Spencer was allowed to meet with some union players. And everyone in the union agrees: He makes a dynamite gin and tonic.

Meanwhile, the man who caught Barry Bonds's 600th home run says he won't share proceeds from the sale with his friends. He said, "You can't find a person that deserves it more than me." No, wait. I'm sorry. That's what Barry said.

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