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Paul Zimmerman
September 02, 2002
an opposing team's scout sizes up the Dolphins
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September 02, 2002

Enemy Lines

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an opposing team's scout sizes up the Dolphins

"There are things I like about this team and things I don't. Ricky Williams is a tremendous talent. He was a great pickup. I really like their wide receivers. Chris Chambers is ready for a bust-out year. Oronde Gadsden is a classic possession wideout. And believe it or not, I like Jay Fiedler. I never thought he'd have a chance, but he's a competitor. He finds ways to win games. Sometimes that's more important than being a pretty passer....

Where it breaks down is on the offensive line. I think it's the worst in the division. The left side? Who knows? Their center, Tim Ruddy, is an old warrior who's on the downside. Their right tackle, Todd Wade, has to have a real smart guy playing next to him, and I'm not sure about Todd Perry....

The defense has been keeping them up there for a while, and you won't find a better pair of corners than Sam Madison and Patrick Surtain, but they've got to fill two spots on the line, and you wonder about their pass rush....

Jason Taylor's a stud. It's a mismatch when he's one-on-one against any tackle in the league, but Tim Bowens has got to take on the role of inside pocket collapser and do it with consistency....

I respect Dave Wannstedt for getting rid of [defensive tackle] Daryl Gardener. It sent a message. The guy they picked up to replace him, Larry Chester, is a plugger, a block-eater, and you need someone like that to keep people off Zach Thomas. If Bowens really turns it on, things will work out."