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Richard Deitsch
October 07, 2002
With Election Day looming, we ran down the 48-year-old football Hall of Fame receiver and former U.S. congressman who is the Republican nominee in the race to succeed Oklahoma governor Frank Keating.
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October 07, 2002

Q+a [steve Largent]

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Largent: That's tough. I'd say Haynes and Hayes were better at man-for-man than Bill Clinton was.

SI: How does President Largent sound?

Largent: Intimidating, to me.

SI: A lot of Oklahoma football types have run for statewide office but lost, from legendary Sooners coach Bud Wilkinson to Oklahoma running back Ron Shotts to Sooners quarterback Jack Mildren. Are you already jinxed?

Largent: Those were all OU guys. I'm a TU [ University of Tulsa] guy.

SI: Which was the tougher press corps: NFL beat writers or the journalists covering Capitol Hill?

Largent: Let's put it this way: Working on Capitol Hill, I still needed a helmet.

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