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Richard Deitsch
October 21, 2002
Nessler in the Crunch, Deion's Trash Talk, HBO's Inside Man
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October 21, 2002

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Nessler in the Crunch, Deion's Trash Talk, HBO's Inside Man

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? Brad Nessler might lack the Q-rating of ABC colleagues Al Michaels and Brent Musburger, but the veteran college football announcer provided a memorable call during the frantic, final moments of the Miami-Florida State game as the Seminoles suffered a field goal tragedy yet again against Miami. ("For the win. The kick on the way.... He missed it! Wide left! Wide right so many times, and when it came down to dethroning a was wide left!") Later this month Nessler, 46, begins his most high-profile gig yet as the lead play-by-play voice on NBA telecasts for both ABC and ESPN. Among his tougher jobs: harnessing partner Bill Walton when he goes off on one of his inane tangents.

? CBS has had better weeks. Following Andy Rooney's comments 01 female sideline reporters comes this bit of coarseness from The NFL Today's resident blowhard Deacon Sanders. On Sunday's pregame show Sanders, describing a fight between Cowboys teammates Emmitt Smith and Reggie Swinton, said, "Emmitt pimp-slapped him.... He pimp-slapped him with an open hand." Guess prostitution references are what passes for clever commentary on CBS these days.

?Though he serves on Fox's No. 1 announcing team as an analyst, Cris Collinsworth is most effective on HBO's Inside the NFL, on which the former player is given the freedom to riff on a variety of subjects. Two weeks ago he blasted Randy Moss ("He is not bigger than the game. Get him out of there"), and this week he offered some fine insight into Kurt Warner. ("You always find out more about guys in bad times than in good times. He stands up and answers the tough questions so that his teammates won't have to. That's what leadership is truly all about.")