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November 04, 2002
Lots of PuckIs there a SPORTS ILLUSTRATED math whiz who can explain to me how, according to your rankings (NHL 2002-03 PREVIEW, Oct. 14), the Detroit Red Wings are rated higher than the San Jose Sharks in offense (second vs. fourth), defense (first vs. sixth), goaltending (fourth vs. 10th), special teams (fourth vs. sixth) and management (third vs. sixth), yet still fall below the Sharks in the overall rankings? Does San Jose have an incredible postgame spread that put them over the top?ROD DUNN, Brighton, Mich.
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November 04, 2002


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Caution Advised
From now on please wait until Chris Simms (The Eyes of Texas, Oct. 14)—or any other hotshot quarterback—actually beats a talented team before you start proclaiming him as great.

Body Scan
As a high school nurse I am delighted with the six pages of strong, healthy, athletic bodies of all shapes and sizes (LEADING OFF, Oct. 14). For all of us who worry about our teenagers' obsession with body image, I applaud your tasteful photos.
KAREN GITELSON, Briarcliff Manor, N.Y.

Thank you for helping me discover that a positive body image is more important than how much you weigh. The pictures of athletes' bodies prove that beauty can be found in a wide range of weights and sizes. Being fit and confident are far more important than the number that registers when you step on the scale.

Was it trick photography? Seventy-two athletes and only six of them have visible tattoos!
TRACY K. LORENZ, Grand Haven, Mich.

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