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Seth Davis
November 25, 2002
An opposing coach's view
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November 25, 2002

Enemy Lines

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An opposing coach's view

The key to beating the Panthers: take them out of a half-court game

'They're extremely good at running their half-court offense, and that's because of Brandin Knight. Knight really improved his jump shot last year, which made him dangerous because he's very strong and he penetrates well. You need to trap him to make him give up the ball....

Julius Page might be one of the top three athletes in the Big East, but he gets out of control sometimes. He can shoot it, but he's streaky....

They have good big men, but those guys don't move as well. You have to push them away from the basket and make them run the floor....

A lot of people are talking about freshman shooting guard Carl Krauser. I've heard he's as talented as anybody in their program....

You have all those guys who had terrific success last year, but the question is, Will everybody be as happy with their roles again?'